Norsafari, a safari trip via north, where we will see the spirits in the land covered by ice and snow. 

   The owner of Norsafari Siberian Husky kennel-Paul YUE, devotes himself to breed siberian husky since 2006,and meanwhile he introduced several sire dogs and dame dogs from foreign famous kennels . In 2008,he became the member of CKU and FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale) and the kennel renamed NORSAFARI International kennel of CKU AND FCI. Since 2008, NORSAFARI participes in many dogshows- NGKC, FCI,CKU.etc.Many dogs have achieved excellent results.

 The main breed line are:syntari's, Glo star's,Highlander's.And so far,the number of dogs  registered in CKU is more than 150.Many of them have been already the  very good family member of numberous husky-lovers.

 Till now, there are more than 20 dogs get the title of China champship, 3 of them with a title of international championship.And next, Paul will achieve his aim: more and more international champions, Grande champions in NORSAFARI.